Our Privacy act

DigiTel Mobile will reassure total privacy to all its visitors, any given information of any member will be strictly confidential; in fact any member will only furnish us with any information that they choose.
If a third party is involved and some information on the member is required, only upon consent of the member the information is given. The only information given a to third party (like a sponsor) is statistics and information on members as a group, never personal information.
We will never read any personal communications on-line.
Files on Log
When a computer is connected to Internet there is a code to identify it, just like it happens with telephones, it will consent to receive pictures, of visited sites, to gather information, to play or make purchases. To find a site on a computer is not much different then using a telephone, from the computer you send a request that received from the server of the site will answer appropriately. The imagine of the home page for example the server of a site can be compared to a call center to assist any client, all the calls are recorded and filed in a category manner. In the server of a site all the calls from the computers of members will be recorded and kept in Log Files. Checking all the Log Files you can determine which pages were more requested, how long was the search, from which area was the page requested and if all the images on the page where seen clearly or if there were problems. 
Us at DigiTel Mobile will analyze all the information of the Log Files and compare all the members’ actions to better improve all the services offered. For us it’s very important to determine which sections caught the public eye the most how to improve the graphics and which are the most common steps taken. Any comments of course are always welcomed from members at any time, clicking on the proper keys.Cookies
The cookies are small files send from websites in to browse through visitor’s computers. In the cookies are information regarding the visual of pages, the length of the visit and any other type of information the visitors choose to give. All the files in the cookies are all stored until your next visit. Us at DigiTel Mobile use this information to better service our clients, to check which page is being visited more then others. The reason DigiTel Mobile can afford to offer all these services, is because of all the ads, commercials, in fact ads are not much different then a news letter, for us it’s very important to know how many people read our pages, and what interests them the most, and at the some time pick-up some ads.Any browser can at any time choose weather or not to accept a cookies or to tell if any are received. If for some reason we are blocking out cookies it is possible that some functions will not be active.
Mailing list and surveys
We will ask an e-mail address and other information in order to help you with other services such as (newsletter, announcements, invitations and on-line events). Every time we ask for the member’s identity, we will inform the member on the motives of their request. We guarantee that we will not sell or give out any time any e-mail address without the members consent.We will not send e-mail unless the member has approved to receive them.
The community of DigiTel Mobile
If the member chooses to give his/her e-mail address to the public in order to (chat, forum, newsgroup) he/she can receive e-mail from third party. The e-mail address and the name registered to be an active member is kept only until you keep your account. The information is not used to register someone within the membership and also not to identify someone outside the membership. The member will always have the choice to keep his/for personal information confidential without having problems to the sender, the member will also have the possibility to stop receiving any e-mail at his/her e-mail address, just by sending us an e-mail explaning his/her request, The member can at anytime request for us to erase any information on them that we have on our database.
Disclosure for processing of personal data
The personal data collected through the registration procedures for DigiTel Mobile services will be stored on electronic databases owned by Digitel Mobile Srl, registered office in Pescara, Via Brunelleschi 29, which shall be the owner and party responsible for processing thereof.
The user’s personal data will be used by Digitel Mobile Srl in respect of the principles of privacy protection envisaged in Law no. 196 of June 30, 2003 and other relevant and applicable norms. This disclosure concerns the personal data sent by the user at the time of registration, as well as those derived from visits to and navigation on our Site. Digitel Mobile Srl subjects the personal data of users to all the processing activities envisaged in Law no. 196/03 – i.e. the collection, registration, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, and all other activities useful to provision of the services requested from us, including their communication to others, as necessary – primarily by automated and computerized means. These data can also be organized in data bases or archives. In particular, the purposes of processing of the personal data are as follows:
providing the envisaged services;
providing the information and/or offers for services that Digitel Mobile Srl and/or affiliated and/or subsidiary companies, as well as its commercial partners and outsourcers, might believe of interest to the user, without this resulting in transfer of the personal data to others;
verifying the quality of the services offered, including offers of post-sales services;
sending communications and advertising information regarding its own products and initiatives and those of others;
satisfying all accounting and tax requirements;
performing marketing and statistical studies, marketing, and product preferences;
identifying the perpetrators of possible crimes only in the event of specific requests by and on behalf of the competent authorities.
The Customer may access his/her own data at any time and exercise the rights envisaged in Article 7, Law no. 196/2003.
The personal data are broken down into two categories: mandatory and optional, as indicated in the registration procedure. Provision of the mandatory data and their processing for the purposes indicated hereinabove are strictly correlated to performance of the services indicated. If the user refuses to provide these data or refuses to consent to their processing, it will be impossible for him/her to use the service offered by DigiTel Mobile.
The other data that are collected serve to help Digitel Mobile Srl offer ever-better service. The Customer is free to provide them or not.
Digitel Mobile Srl informs the Customer that, pursuant to Article 7 of Law no. 196 of June 30, 2003, users have the right to:
know of the existence of processing of data that regard them;
be informed of the identification of the owner and party responsible for processing;
obtain at the care of the processing owner: confirmation of the existence of personal data, communication thereof and their origin, as well as the logic and purposes of processing;
deletion, transformation into anonymous form, or blocking of data processed in violation of the law;
updating, correction, and integration of the data;
certification that the activities envisaged at the preceding point have been brought to the attention of those persons to whom the data have been communicated and/or diffused;
oppose processing, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons;
oppose, in whole or in part, processing for the purposes of commercial information or execution of market research or commercial communication and similar activities.
Furthermore, the user will always have direct Web access to his/her own data that are in the possession of Digitel Mobile Srl, through his/her own access codes (“Username” and “Password”). The user can thus add to, change, or delete the data at any time and without intermediation, autonomously an under his/her own responsibility. From the same interface, the user can request cancellation of the receipt of periodic, non-service related information supplied by DigiTel Mobile.
In the recent times, the risk of distraction or loss of information gotten from member, or non authorized treatment of information or members not consenting to proper information treatment as been very minimal.